Arvinder Sambei and Martin Polaine delivered a series of short training workshops on behalf of the London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP) for the Ministry of Justice of Sudan. They were accompanied by Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont, a practitioner and academic based in Paris.

Over the course of 2 weeks, the team provided training to Sudanese prosecutors, police, judiciary, legislative drafters, Central Bank of Sudan& the banking sector, Financial Inquiries Unit (Sudan's FIU), representatives from the armed forces, members of the Sudanese Bar Association, and civil society. The topics included:

  • International Criminal law (ICL) and International Humanitarian law (IHL) : The course provided an overview of the historical development of ICL and the legal framework, the International Security law, the Geneva Conventions, The Hague Conventions, the use of force by States, conducting hostilities and protecting civilians. On Day 2, the course examined the enforcement mechanism of IHL and ICL through the national courts, tribunals and the International Criminal Court, the basis of attributing liability (joint criminal enterprise and command responsibility), available defences, elements of the crimes and issues relating to immunity.

  • Anti-corruption : the one-day course provided an overview of the international Anti-Corruption & Asset Recovery Framework provided by the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) & regional instruments. Before turning to the investigative and prosecutorial measures, the introductory sessions highlighted the need for States to put in place preventive measures.

    The workshop went on to look at the role of intelligence in anti-corruption, sources of intelligence and the development of intelligence to evidence. Prosecutors and investigators were taken through both reactive and proactive investigations, mutual legal assistance and asset recovery frameworks.

  • Anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) : The main objective of the AML/CFT course was to provide both the banking sector, FIU, prosecutors and investigators with an introductory seminar on AML/CFT, the response of the international community through a range of measures: UN Conventions, UNSCRs, ‘soft law’ banking initiatives (Wolfsberg Principles & Basel Principles), the role of FATF and FATF style regional bodies and the recent peer review of Sudan by MENAFATF. The course also set out the role of financial intelligence in developing preventive measures (risk assessment) and its use in AML/CFT investigations.

  • International sanctions : the one-day course set out the historical development of sanctions as a measure deployed by the international community and individual States to mark its disapproval of the actions of the target state. The course set out the relevant legal framework under the UN Charter and also examined sanctions (countermeasures) imposed by individual States, as well as the consequences of sanctions on the target state.

  • International arbitration with a particular focus on investment arbitration.

In addition to the workshops, the team carried out a training needs assessment for a number of departments within the MOJ, the Sudanese Bar Association, the Judicial Training Institute and the Training Authority of Sudan Police.


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