As part of its on-going capacity building efforts in Kenya, Seychelles and other states in the Indian Ocean to prosecute suspected pirates apprehended by national law enforcement authorities or foreign navies and transferred for prosecution in accordance with international standards, the UNODC Maritime and Transnational Organised Crime Programme (MTOCP) together with the Kenya Judicial Training Institute considered the introduction of active case management in those courts that regularly handle such cases. The ACM was to be piloted in 3 areas, and thereafter, rolled out to the other courts. Our role was to write a detailed training brief for the Kenya Judicial Training Institute of Kenya on Active Case Management (ACM), which would form the basis of the training of Magistrates in Kenya. The training brief addressed the following:

  • International overview and best practice
  • The present challenges faced by Kenya in its CJS
  • Kenya's ACM initiative and draft Practice Direction
  • Likely challenges and how these can be overcome
  • Case studies

For further details on the UNODC Maritime Crime Programme website.

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