The Human Rights Friendly Judiciary Project of the Council of Europe organised the Summer School on the European Convention on Human Rights for undergraduates and postgraduates from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia

The week long programme, which included lectures, quiz, practical case study and a moot court, addressed a number of human rights topics, including:

  • International Human Rights Bodies - history and case law overview;
  • European Convention on Human Rights – overview & reform;
  • Freedom of Expression & Hate Speech;
  • Use of religious symbols with specific focus on the right to education;
  • Protection of privacy: civil and criminal law aspects.

At the opening of the summer school, Arvinder Sambei gave the keynote address on ‘International Human Rights Bodies - history and case law overview’ which focussed on 5 areas:

  • Historical development of international human rights legal framework.
  • Nature of human rights and who undertakes the duty or obligation to guarantee those rights
  • Enforcement mechanisms at the regional and international level.
  • Who has locus to complain of a breach (individual, a group or a State) and the competence of the relevant tribunal to hear the complaint.
  • Developing and building a procedural strategy by the applicant (and his/her legal representatives) when considering redress before a human rights tribunal.

The summer school was attended by some 70 students and had the opportunity of hearing from, and discussing with, practitioners and judges from Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Poland and Serbia.

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