Martin Polaine was engaged as the lead consultant for the UNODC ROSEAP 2019 Regional Conference for the ASEAN Region held in Bangkok, 26 – 27 March 2019 followed by a one day discussion session for Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) on 28 March in order to work through areas of specific concern to the each of the four countries.

Arvinder Sambei was invited as a speaker to give a presentation on ‘International Standards of Extradition and Human Rights Considerations’.

Bangkok Conference Mont

The Regional Conference focussed on international co-operation (mutual legal assistance and extradition) as, similar to the experience in other regions, it continues to pose a challenge. The ASEAN Member States have adopted and ratified the ASEAN Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty and are in the final stages of agreeing the text of the ASEAN Extradition Treaty.

The first day of the regional conference examined extradition practice and challenges in the region, international standards and human rights considerations, including the use of deportation of foreign nationals as an alternative to extradition. The day concluded with a discussion on practical difficulties and how those can be addressed by the region.

The second day worked through the ASEAN Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and as well as the challenges in gathering evidence in transnational and organised crime cases (human trafficking), corruption and terrorism, including foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs). The session also considered asset recovery and the increasing rise on the use of digital evidence globally along with the inherent challenges in gathering such evidence in a foreign State.

The conference concluded with discussions with Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam representatives to examine both good practices and difficulties that arise in the region.

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