arvinder-sambei-mainArvinder Sambei is one of the directors. She is a former practising barrister, Senior Crown Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service of England & Wales, and Legal Adviser at the Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), Ministry of Defence. Between 2005 and 2008, she was Head of the Criminal Law Section at the Commonwealth Secretariat. Arvinder specialised in extradition law and international co-operation, international human rights, international humanitarian law, anti-corruption and counter-terrorism. In that role, she had conduct of many of the UK’s high profile extradition, counter-terrorism, transnational and war crimes cases.

tim hampson mainTim is a Non Executive Director of Amicus Legal Consultants and Co-founder and Executive Director of SalesSeek, a software company.

Tim's background in software has spanned technical, sales, marketing, and general management in the US, UK, and Japan. After a brief stint at the Admiralty Research Establishment, Tim started his commercial career at IBM and then went to work with a number of successful startups including Illustra ($400M acq), Interwoven ($1B IPO) and BoardVantage ($250M acq). Other experience includes Sybase, Sakkam and Genesys Telecommunications.

martin-polaineMartin Polaine is one of the directors, a practising barrister of 30 years’ call and has been admitted MCIArb and FAiADR.

He is a former Senior Crown Prosecutor and Senior Lawyer at the Independent Police Complaints Commission. As a prosecutor, he had conduct of a range of criminal cases and was one of three lawyers on a specialist team established to advise upon, and prosecute complex corruption investigations and other cases of particular sensitivity.

Prior to joining the CPS, Martin practised at the Bar, where he had a mixed prosecution and defence practice, and was engaged as counsel in a number of high profile cases.

* Practising as a sole practitioner, distinct from his work with Amicus.

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