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Martin Polaine is one of the directors, a practising barrister of 30 years’ call and has been admitted MCIArb and FAiADR.

He is a former Senior Crown Prosecutor and Senior Lawyer at the Independent Police Complaints Commission. As a prosecutor, he had conduct of a range of criminal cases and was one of three lawyers on a specialist team set up to advise upon, and prosecute complex corruption investigations and other cases of particular sensitivity.

Prior to joining the CPS, Martin practised at the Bar, where he had a mixed prosecution and defence practice, and was engaged as counsel in a number of high profile cases.

From 2005 until early 2008, Martin was engaged as a consultant at Commonwealth Secretariat. In that role he designed and delivered a range of projects for Commonwealth States, including those addressing anti-corruption, counter-terrorism, international co-operation and international criminal law. He also led the Commonwealth ‘Interception of Communications Study’, which paved the way for an updated scheme on mutual legal assistance.

From 2000 to 2006, Martin was a member of the OECD Working Group on Bribery and has been a ‘lead examiner’ for its peer review process.

Martin has been engaged by international and regional organisations since the 1990s to conduct country evaluations/gap analyses, negotiate international instruments and initiatives, develop model laws and deliver capacity building training workshops on anti-corruption, asset recovery, international co-operation, AML/CFT, counter-terrorism, international criminal law, international human rights law and public international law.

His public international law work includes the law of treaties, IHL/IHRL, statehood and international trade, while his international arbitration interests include both ISDS and international commercial arbitration.

With a passionate interest in sport, Martin has worked with governing bodies and player associations on compliance, governance and anti-corruption issues, and has also participated as a European Commission expert on initiatives to counter match-fixing. In addition, in his former role as a prosecutor, he has had conduct of high profile cases concerning footballers.

In addition to substantive legal work, he is an experienced trainer, facilitator and crisis preparedness professional. He is a hands-on designer and facilitator of Solve workshops and has, since the late 1990s, conducted well over 200 exercises worldwide on a wide range of topic areas, including:

  • the debriefing critical incidents across a range of sectors;
  • assisting organisations (of all sizes) with business continuity planning and crisis prevention & management;
  • ‘stress testing’ procedures, decision-making and leadership in both the public and private sector;
  • EU pre-accession projects for candidate States;
  • institutional framework building and co-ordination enhancement;
  • immersive exercise simulations for corporates addressing corporate governance, risk, and compliance;
  • training members of law firms and their corporate clients on regulatory obligations, corporate governance, internal investigations, corporate liability and dawn raids.

* Practising as a sole practitioner, distinct from his work with Amicus.














He has published widely and spoken at numerous conferences and seminars. He is also the co-author of:

  • Corruption & Misuse of Public Office (Oxford, 2006);
  • Counter-Terrorism Law & Practice: An International Handbook (Oxford, 2009);
  • Special Investigative Means and Human Rights (Council of Europe, 2013);
  • Mutual Legal Assistance Manual for Asset Recovery (Council of Europe, 2013);
  • Mutual Legal Assistance and Mutual Assistance (Sakkam Press, 2014);
  • Extradition: General Principles in Corruption and Related Cases (Sakkam Press, 2015);
  • Investigating & Prosecuting Economic Crime: A practitioners’ manual for prosecutors & investigators (Council of Europe, 2016).

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