Martin Polaine was invited as one of 20 international anti-corruption experts to speak at the International Anti-Corruption Conference organised by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and National Reforms Council in partnership with, amongst other, the OECD, UNDP, Council of Europe, European Business Association, USAID, US Department of Justice.

Prior to the Conference, the Minister of Justice hosted a reception and dinner for key opinion formers and media representatives in order for informal discussions on Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts and plans to take place. Martin was invited to attend and to take part in the discussions as a visiting expert.

The Conference, which was opened by the President of Ukraine, was one of the largest anti-corruption events held in Ukraine and was attended by some 1500 delegates (state officials, civil society representatives, and business, and representatives from the international community) and its aims were to:

  • Provide a platform for a frank and open dialogue between the state, business and civil society.
  • Bring the best international expertise from countries, which have succeeded in preventing and fighting corruption.
  • Bring together in the same audience various reform stakeholders: detectives, prosecutors, judges, investigative journalists, civil activists, etc.
  • Support and motivate the newly created specialized anti-corruption state agencies in their operations, ensuring that they have all the necessary local and international support to do their jobs effectively

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