3 February 2016, International Development Institute (IDI) Kings College London

In association with the London Centre for International Law Practice (LCILP), Amicus met with, and presented to, students and staff of the International Development Institute (IDI). Martin Polaine & Sunil Patel led the discussions and focused on the deployment of anonymised debriefing (Solve:Interactive) and immersive exercises (Solve:Immersive) in international development projects, particularly in respect of vulnerable groups, post-conflict situations and gender violence.

Under the leadership of Dr. Peter Kingstone, the IDI has pursued an innovative approach to development, concentrating on the middle-income developing states or ‘emerging economies’, where foreign aid is largely irrelevant. It has gained a reputation for studying context and actual economic, social and political change in middle-income states, rather than the more prescriptive models of development. It has regional expertise on Latin America and East/Southeast Asia and its mission is “to explore the sources of success in emerging economies, as well as understand the major development challenges they continue to face”.

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