Martin Polaine & Arvinder Sambei were invited as guest speakers today (7 June) for a Brexit webinar, 'Are you ready for Brexit?', hosted by Crisis Solutions. The conversation focussed on the legal implications of Brexit on the following themes:

  • Trade
  • Regulatory change
  • Movement of labour/staffing implications
  • Security threat
  • Sovereignty

The webinar is available to listen at:

Here are some of the comments from the attendees:

  • ‘Great rapport between presenters, who were clearly very knowledgeable on the subject and lots of interesting points to think about.’
  • ‘Wide-ranging subject matter, lots of additional considerations that I had not personally thought about.’
  • ‘Clarity of the subjects to be discussed, sufficient time to discuss among experts, good facilitation by the presenter.  I find interesting the pooling feature to give feedbacks and keep up attention of the audience.’
  • ‘It gave impartial, digestible advice.’

Next webinar to follow soon!

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