Amicus will be attending these annual ASEAN awards and symposium.  The International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP), supported by Fleming (Kuala Lumpur) provided this flavour of the event:

Speakers from UN, CIA, Interpol and many more will showcase their expertise of current security challenges, with the aim of saving lives through the early and prompt detection and prevention of attacks of various degrees.

Highlight of the day are IACSP Security Awards & Gala Dinner, which will be presented to deserving agencies from the Ministries of Defence and Home Affairs from each country of the ASEAN region + China, Japan, Korea and India.

The second day will witness four concurrent workshops on the most advanced and pertinent topics in modern Counter-Terrorism.


Amicus will be running one of the second day workshops, entitled, 'Terrorism Financing: Countering the Hidden Threats.'

The objective will be to give the mix of private and public sector participants the opportunity, through a Solve: Immersive exercise, to test the rigour of their own decision-making set against real-life dynamics, pressures and risks.

Those attending will gain insight into:

  • Recognising and countering the risks of legitimate assets being used for terrorist purposes;
  • The way in which terrorist finances are converted and moved;

Misuse of charities/NPOs (including vulnerabilities around charitable collection);

  • The use and abuse of informal remittance systems, virtual currencies and cash couriers;
  • The use of nominees and 'shell'/front companies;
  • Leadership decision-making in CFT investigations;
  • Crisis preparedness;
  • 'Stress-testing' of compliance and risk management procedures.

Agenda details and registration for the symposium can be found here.


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