Georgia FlagArvinder Sambei and Martin Polaine contributed to the CoE Training materials (for the CoE Partnership for Good Governance) to include the practice and procedure in Georgia for AML/CFT investigations and prosecutions. The chapter addressed:

  • Relationship between Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing;
  • Terrorism Financing: Typologies to raise and move funds;
  • International initiatives to address terrorism financing (including Georgia’s legal framework to address terrorism financing);
  • The Role and importance of Intelligence to AML/CFT Investigations and Prosecutions;
  • Financial Intelligence and Investigations;
  • Proactive & Reactive Investigations;
  • Special Investigative Means and Human Rights considerations;
  • Evaluating Evidence including the reliance on indirect/circumstantial evidence in AML/CFT cases;
  • Freezing & Confiscation in AML/CFT cases;
  • International Co-operation.

This was followed by a 2 day practical training workshop for key stakeholders engaged in addressing AML/CFT in Georgia, which was delivered by Arvinder Sambei.

Futher detail on Council of Europe press release.

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