Public Sector Excellence in Singapore, UNDP’s global anti-corruption project, ‘Anti-Corruption for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies’ (ACPIS), provides policy and program support to participating States and has an overall objective of contributing to the strengthening of national capacities to (i) integrate anti-corruption measures into development processes and (ii) enhance integrity in service delivery.

Martin Polaine has been engaged to conduct a study and write a report that draws together national examples of good practices from all regions in the following thematic areas of public sector excellence, which reflect the preventive framework set out in Chapter II (Preventive Measures) of the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC):

  1. Systems for the recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion and retirement of civil servants (and other non-elected public officials);
  2. Political party financing;
  3. Conflict of interest;
  4. Code of conduct for public officials;
  5. Public procurement and management of public finances; and,
  6. Public reporting and transparency in public administration.

The study involves a series of case studies (for each of the thematic areas) and addresses three key questions in respect of each:

  1. Why were the identified good practices successful in their national context?
  2. How did they contribute to preventing corruption?
  3. What guidance might be offered to apply them in other contexts?

The study will also aim contribute to the ongoing body of work and the wider discourse on corruption prevention in the context of public sector excellence, including the forthcoming Seventh Session of the Conference of States Parties to UNCAC (to take place in Vienna in November 2017), and the second cycle of the UNCAC implementation review mechanism (2015 – 2019), which addresses, inter alia, Chapter II (Preventive Measures).

The final report is likely to be published by early November 2017.

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