MPandSP SingaporeMartin Polaine and Sunil Patel attended, and presented, at the Compliance & Transparency Forum held in Singapore (organised by the UK Government) on ‘Dynamic Decision Making in Corruption cases’ (21 September) and ‘Dynamic Decision Making for Banking in Wider AML’ (22 September).  Here they are shown at the High Commisioner's Residence, Eden Hall.

The Amicus team also developed and facilitated two immersive sessions (using its proprietary Solve: Immersive) for the financial services sector and General Counsel. The immersive exercises were designed to test and enhance decision making in the wider risk, anti-corruption and AML/CFT contexts. The learning objectives of each immersive exercise were:

Immersive Singapore 2

  • How to help ensure legally rational decision-making that is best-placed to withstand later scrutiny;
  • Recording a decision and the reasons behind it;
  • Decision-making and crisis preparedness;
  • Testing and assuring internal advice and decision-making quality;
  • Reaching a 'right' decision.


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