Kyrgyzstan Arvinder Sambei along with Paula Lavric and Victor Astanin delivered a two day workshop for Kyrgyz trainers on investigating and prosecuting economic crime and corruption cases. The 2 day event included presentations and practical case studies to highlight the challenges and issues in addressing economic crime cases. The workshop worked through the range of actions that a State needs to have in place (intelligence capability, developing intelligence, moving from intelligence to evidence, international co-operation, case preparation and asset recovery) if such cases are to be addressed effectively.

Kyrgyz photo Participants included representatives from the Prosecutor’s Office, Anti-Corruption Division, State Service on Fighting Economic Crimes, Investigator of Control and Methodology Department State Service on Fighting Economic Crimes and Department on Investigation of Crimes of Officials of State Service on Fighting Economic Crimes.

30 April 2018: one day meeting, delivered along with Elnur Musayev, focussed on Council of Europe anti-corruption standards along with a review of the findings of the SPCC-KY Project Review of Kyrgyz legislation compatibility with the European Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.

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