Arvinder Sambei was engaged as an independent evaluator (judicial integrity and prevention of corruption component), along with 3 other experts, to conduct a final in-depth evaluation of the UNODC Doha Declaration Global Programme, one of the largest single UNODC Global Programmes.

The 2015 Doha Declaration, adopted at the Thirteenth United Nations Congress on
Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, lays out the strategic intentions and shared commitment of Member States to prevent and detect crime and promote the rule of law in order to meet Goal 16 of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) across three (3) thematic areas: judicial integrity and the prevention of corruption; rehabilitation and social integration of prisoners and preventing youth crime through sports; education for justice.

The evaluation took place over a number of months and involved desk review, remote interviews, surveys, written questions, observation of webinars and training sessions and a review of the training materials and publications.

The report, Final In-Depth Evaluation of the Global Programme “Implementation of the Doha Declaration: Towards the Promotion of a Culture Of Lawfulness” can be accessed at:

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