As part of the UNODC GMCP capacity building programme, Arvinder Sambei was engaged to co-facilitate a piracy mock trial for a team of Nigerian prosecutors.

The workshop was conducted remotely and focussed on court proceedings by nominating a team of 6 prosecutors from the Maritime Crime Group at the office of the DPP along with a second team of 6 prosecutors who acted as a team of ‘defence’ lawyers. The mock trial was overseen by a judge from the High Court in Abuja.

The mock trial was built around a piracy scenario and materials developed by the Amicus team and the aim was to allow the participants to work through a case that engages legal issues and lines of defence they have not previously addressed as well as working through a case strategy, drafting charges, drafting legal submissions and examination/cross-examination of witnesses.

The prosecutors (across both teams) comprised both experienced and relatively junior members. The mock trial provided an opportunity for the participants to put their learning (based on earlier in-depth training sessions on maritime crime) and experience into practice and helped to identify future areas of training.

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