Amicus Legal Consultants regularly publish whitepapers on topical subjects throughout the year and they are available for download.

  • Modern Slavery Act 2015: What Must An Organisation Do?

    Of immediate relevance to commercial organisations (not just businesses, but charities and educational establishments as well) is the reporting provision of The Modern Slavery Act, which came into force on 29 October 2015. For the purposes of the Act, 'modern slavery' includes slavery, servitude…
  • Legality Of The Use Of Drones

    The first UK drone strike against a UK citizen, which in killing two UK nationals in Syria, has brought the issue of the legality of such deployments into sharp focus and has renewed a controversy that has occupied international lawyers since the US first embarked on such action in 2004 against…
  • Preventing, And Preparing For, Critical Incidents

    In an increasingly interconnected world, the risk, and impact of a critical incident has never been more acute. What, then, is a ‘critical incident’? The phrase ‘critical incident’ conjures up images of disaster or catastrophe. It might be exactly that! But, equally, it might an occurrence that is…
  • Joint Criminal Enterprise And Command Responsibility

    As it has evolved, much of international criminal law is focused on holding individual defendants responsible for crimes which have mass victims or have caused widespread suffering, i.e. individual criminal responsibility. But what of guilt by association and collective guilt? The need is obvious…
  • Being Alert to the Pitfalls of Agents & Intermediaires and How to Avoid Them

    In an increasingly regulatory landscape feeling of comfort may be misplaced where cross-border transactions are concerned. A failure to manage an organisation's agents and intermediaires effectively can have far-reaching consequences for the organisation, its employees, and its reputation. In…
  • Are You Really Dawn Raid Ready?

    Dawn raids are an increasingly common feature of the regulatory landscape. A failure to manage a search and seizure exercise effectively can have far-reaching consequences for the organisation, its employees, and its reputation. Equally, for law firms, the nature of the guidance and advice to a…

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