For all businesses, the risk of corruption is an ever-present. This has never been more true than in the interconnected world of today, especially for large transnational corporates.

Corruption can be carried out by a business through the decisions of its management, but this is not necessarily the only risk: staff, agents and intermediaries can all act corruptly.

The consequences are likely to be considerable, and if appropriate and proportionate measures are not put in place, then the company itself may be held accountable.

Either way, corruption in a business can cause great harm: heavy fines may be imposed, individuals within the business may face a risk of prosecution and, of course, there will be a reputational risk to the business, which can lead to a loss of market share.

At Amicus, we specialise in providing solutions based on our recognised experience in anti-corruption and risk assessment across a wide range of sectors and services.  Through our methods (Solve: Interactive & Solve: Immersive training), we help businesses draw up, revise and test policies and procedures in order to ensure that each one has the best chance of preventing and addressing corruption.

Our work in anti-corruption also extends to developing knowledge and training so that your company is clear about its responsibilities and duties under the UK Bribery Act, the US FCPA 1977 (which is being rigorously applied right now) and other international initiatives (including those developed by the OECD)

Amicus also provides training for corporates on extradition and MLA, and the risks it poses to senior management. Similarly this training is valuable for law firms acting for corporate clients: with a detailed knowledge of MLA and extradition enabling them to form an effective strategy and, where appropriate, to mount an effective challenge.

Our Expertise:

  • Advising and training on all anti-corruption components, including managing conflicts of interest, procurement, gifts and hospitality, whistleblowing, intelligence-gathering, risk management and assessment.
  • Drafting laws and regulations for both civil law and common law states on prevention, detection, enforcement and prosecution (including asset recovery and confiscation).
  • Testing institutional and business strategies and policies on anti-bribery.
  • Drafting Codes of Conduct for public and private sectors.
  • Advising upon and, through our experts, conducting internal investigations (including the formulation of investigative strategy).
  • Advising and training judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers, law enforcement and intelligence agencies on handling anti-corruption cases and international frameworks
  • Producing practitioner manuals on all aspects of anti-corruption
  • Advising and training law firms regarding risk to clients of extradition
  • Advising and training law firms regarding mutual legal assistance and how to make such requests
  • Conducting country evaluations on behalf of international organisations

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