For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.


solve-immersive-page-logoMost organisations only ever assess and appraise critical incidents once the challenge and stress of the event has taken place.

This brings with it any number of disadvantages, as companies have to almost wait until something happens before being able to test its policies, procedures, and personnel.

Our Solve:Immersive is an experiential tool that removes this uncertainty by imitating the complexity, chaos and challenge of a real incident, and allows participants to play out real life incidents and make their mistakes in a ‘safe’ environment!

By ensuring each scenario is designed and developed to meet the exact needs and expectations of the organisation, we create a level of learning normally only gained from a real incident or experience.

Solve:Immersive is a fully facilitated multi-media platform that creates challenging and highly realistic true-to-life incidents to ‘test and trial’ critical decisions, procedures and policies – in a safe environment.


Solve:Immersive has proved to be an effective training tool for companies and organisations and academic institutions as well as for legal practices, judges, specialist law enforcement investigators and prosecutors.

To date we have helped clients to:
  • Examine policies and practices in preparedness for a critical incident;
  • To assess business continuity and disaster planning procedures;
  • Stress-test personnel and team building within an organisation;
  • Appraise redundancy policies and procedures in HR departments.



Step 1: The team at Amicus Legal Consultants hold an initial consultation with the client to scope issues, areas of work and/or procedures to be tested through an immersive exercise.

Step 2: The Amicus team develops a scenario that best captures the issues of most concern to the client. The scenario must be as true to life as possible to ensure that participants gain the best learning experience.

Examples of frequently addressed topics include: corporate governance, bribery & anti-corruption, counter-terrorism, cyber security, anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism, competition law & cartels, human resources, internal investigations, media/communication handling, reputational & crisis management and whistleblower handling.

Step 3: The exercise itself is a multi-media immersive event conducted through media feeds, documentary exhibits, audio and video clips sent by the facilitators to each break out room. Participants are required to make real time decisions, which are recorded onto the system within the time permitted. Once these decisions are made – as in real life – the group must work through the consequences that flow from them. The decisions are examined in intensive and challenging debriefing sessions held during the course of the exercise. Professional actors, props and even industry experts are often brought in to provide a realistic setting.


There is no prescribed length of time for a Solve:Immersive exercise; it can be as short as 1 day or until the critical event has run its full course.

Key Benefits

This approach of learning has many key and important benefits:

  • It simulates a real-life incident in a safe learning environment;
  • Provides a completely bespoke and experiential training programme;
  • Policies, procedures as well as personnel can be tested;
  • A wider spectrum of learning is provided through interaction with experts with specialist knowledge and experience;
  • Facilitates greater individual and group participation;
  • A ‘real-life’ situation, as opposed to theory, has far greater meaning and relevance to participants;
  • Mistakes can be made and lessons learnt safely, rather than in the throes of a real event;
  • The experiential nature of the training better embeds and retains the learning;
  • Training can create a long-term ‘buy-in’ to learning outcomes from all participants involved;
  • Participants contribute during the plenary sessions and share experiences which cannot be gained using traditional training methods.

Our Clients

We have built a reputation for discretion. We provide our services to a wide range of organisations and businesses, as well as to individuals. Our client base reflects our work across most regions of the world.

Further Information

Our latest 'Solve:Immersive - Crisis Avoidance' brochure looks at how you could better manage difficult situations by being better prepared. It includes some real-life case studies that may give you an insight into how you may benefit from Solve:Immersive. If you wish to discuss any aspect of our Solve system, please contact us (the details are in the brochure and right of this page).

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