Amicus has an enviable track record of working in a number of jurisdictions and across legal systems. Our world-class talent coupled with an international reputation and reach, ensures that Amicus Legal Consultants can deliver a truly global service.

Our portfolio of clients includes public and private sector firms operating across several countries and regions, as well as international organisations and government bodies.

Each has a different need and requires the appropriate response:

Crisis Prevention and Management

Even those organisations with risk officers in post find great benefit in having their preventive measures and crisis or critical incident preparedness tested in a highly realistic, but cost-effective, setting. At Amicus, our crisis prevention and management expertise enables us actively to monitor emerging risks for both organisations and high/ultra-high net worth (HNWI/UHNWI) individuals. We work with clients to put in place workable and ‘fit for purpose’ procedures and responses.

We are known for our discretion and use our own Solve:Interactive anonymised debriefing methodology to get to the heart of a client’s challenges and to arrive at a solution formulated by the client itself, which is, in turn, rigorously ‘stress-tested’ with our Solve:Immersive capability.

We recognise that, in reality, most organisations are not crisis-prepared. A crisis is, understandably, often seen as something that happens to others; consequently, businesses are reluctant to invest time and resources. Our message, which we see reinforced time and time again when a critical incident does indeed strike, is:

  • Prepare and plan for a crisis or critical incident!
  • Do not assume that ‘it will never happen to us’!
  • Loss of reputation, loss of trust and loss of market share is too high a price to pay for lack of preparedness!


Sports sector

Amicus works with clubs, organisations, governing bodies & those servicing sport to provide:

  • Cost-effective and incisive 'stress testing' of policies, processes & procedures (from off-field academy/elite development to safety & security);
  • Critical incident prevention, preparedness & response;
  • Compliance & governance best practices;
  • Decision-making & risk management skills sessions for all levels;
  • Optimum team, group & business dynamics;
  • Multi-partner event planning & co-ordination.


Law firms

The prosecutorial and law enforcement backgrounds of the specialists at Amicus Legal Consultants have included conduct of serious and complex white collar crime cases, corruption, fraud, AML/CFT prosecutions. This experience has provided us with invaluable insight into transnational issues, such as search & seizure (including so-called 'dawn raids'), extradition, mutual legal assistance, and asset tracing & freezing. Our background, and continued work across jurisdictions, has also allowed us to develop a real understanding of the different approaches between the common law and civil law traditions.

We provide law firms with specialist advisory input, skill-building events, practical training including dawn raid training (role play and exercise) and immersive exercises.

Public sector

The rise in international initiatives has left criminal justice systems across the world grappling with new concepts and fresh international obligations, including enhanced expectations of intelligence-led proactive investigations. We have designed, delivered and trained intelligence agencies, investigators, prosecutors and judges across the world on handling complex cases, the intelligence-evidence interface, evidential issues, including special investigative means, ethics and human rights.

International & regional organisations

There is a need to ensure that the measures agreed at the international level are fully implemented by member states. We regularly participate in country evaluations, legislative drafting and workshops designed to raise awareness and provide training within a region or country. As most of our training workshops are for practitioners, we design & deliver courses that are focussed, practical (including immersive exercises) and provide the most effective opportunity for learning.

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