International co-operation lies at the heart of transnational crimes, yet important aspects of it are often misunderstood by practitioners and judges alike.

We provide specialist guidance and support to criminal justice agencies, and to businesses and law firms that need help in utilising or challenging international co-operation measures.

Our in-depth knowledge and practical training programmes on international co-operation in criminal matters are regularly used by judges, prosecutors, law firms and law enforcement agencies across the globe.

Our reputation in this field is further enhanced and recognised by our publications, training programmes and practitioner manuals.

Our Expertise:

  • Drafting treaties on international co-operation
  • Country evaluations on compliance with international standards
  • Evaluating & drafting national laws on international co-operation
  • Assisting in the setting up of Central Authorities
  • Advising, training and mentoring judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers and law enforcement on international co-operation
  • Advice and training to law firms regarding the exposure of individual and corporate clients to risk of extradition requests
  • Producing practitioner manuals and guidance material


Amicus Legal Consultants

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